2013-2014 ACA Implementation Highlights


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a fundamental and comprehensive set of reforms aimed at extending health insurance coverage and making it affordable to almost all Americans. The ACA is designed to be implemented over a number of years, and since the law was signed on March 23, 2010, many provisions have been implemented. Some of the key provisions of the ACA already in effect include:

Key Provisions Being Implemented in 2013

Two specific provisions that impact employers and brokers are as follows:

Key Provisions Being Implemented in 2014

2014 will see a number of key provisions implemented as part of the Affordable Care Act, including:


We have created this site to assist our brokers and employer groups in getting up-to-date information on Health Care Reform at both the national and state level. We are limiting the information provided here to just those issues that we believe will have a direct impact on the commercial group insurance market and our brokers, employers, and members. The information we provide will be a mixture of news story links, our own analysis, and links to government websites. We will be continually updating this site and will send out regular updates of issues as they surface.

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