Fitness and Exercise Perks

As an incentive to our members to get fit and stay healthy, Tufts Health Plan offers a number of opportunities to save on fitness center initiation and membership fees at a wide range of fitness centers both in and out of our network.

Fitness Centers

Search Our Local Participating Fitness Center Network (click on "other services" tab) for a 20% discount on an annual membership, with no initiation or joining fees at any of our 80 Tufts Health Plan network fitness centers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

  • You and each of your plan dependents may choose his or her own fitness center.
  • Visit our participating fitness centers and pay a small copayment at each visit, for up to 5 visits per month!
    • Age 0-5: Free
    • Age 6-15: $6
    • Age 16+: $10

Fitness Club Rebate

Many plans include a mail-in fitness rebate. Check with your employer or contact Tufts Health Plan to confirm you are eligible for this rebate.

Qualified members receive a rebate on fitness center membership and certain group exercise classes. Check your benefits for what is included in the rebate and the amount allowed on your plan. It’s simple! Once you’ve been a member of Tufts Health Plan for at least four months, you’re eligible for the rebate.

Your fitness costs must meet the following criteria for the rebate:

  • The fitness center must offer cardio and strength- training machines and other programs for improved physical fitness. The rebate does not include martial arts centers, gymnastics centers, country clubs, aerobics-only or pool-only centers, sports teams and leagues, social clubs and tennis clubs, personal trainers, sports coaches, or the purchase of personal or at-home exercise machines.
  • Some of our group plans will also rebate the cost of certain group exercise classes.* Classes held in a residential setting or dance classes are not included. You must check your benefits to see if group exercise classes are included on your plan.

*Group exercise classes include, but are not limited to: yoga, pilates, aerobics, Zumba, and kickboxing.

Based on your plan, Tufts Health Plan will pay up to the allowed amount of your costs paid for the year. The fitness rebate benefit varies depending on the plan you are on. Make sure to check your benefits to determine what fitness rebates you are eligible for. You can check request your rebate online or mail in the form available here along with your documentation.

Curves® Facilities

Curves fitness and weight loss facilities are dedicated to providing affordable, one-stop exercise and nutritional guidance to women with a complete aerobic and strength training workout, in a supporting, encouraging environment, in just 30 minutes.

How it Works:

  • You and your plan dependents are eligible to receive a 50% discount off joining or initiation fees at participating Curves facilities.
  • Just present your Tufts Health Plan member ID card when you sign-up for a membership at a participating Curves facility. (Discounts cannot be combined with any other Curves promotions)
  • You can also get, from participating Curves facilities, one free month's membership. Just alert your Curves facility after completing 12 consecutive monthly membership payments of your Tufts Health Plan discount to receive one month free! (Please note, the 12 consecutive monthly membership payments begin on or after the effective date of the participating Curves facility's contract with Tufts Health Plan. Check with your participating Curves facility to determine the effective date of their contract with us.)
  • Click here to search our participating Curves locations.
  • If your Curves facility does not currently offer discounts to Tufts Health Plan members, feel free to ask them if they plan to join our network.

Fitness Together Personal Training

You and your plan dependents receive a 10% discount off the purchase price of personal training packages and a free initial fitness evaluation at participating Fitness Together facilities.

Already belong to a Fitness Together participating facility? Terrific! You are eligible to receive a 10% discount off the purchase of personal training packages of 36 sessions or more!

How it Works:

  • Prior to beginning your training at Fitness Together, you'll receive a comprehensive fitness evaluation and work with their trainer to establish specific goals. The evaluation measures your weight, body fat, circumferences, blood pressure, upper and lower-body strength levels, cardio endurance levels, and flexibility.
  • The trainer then designs a customized workout program to help you achieve those goals.
  • Workouts include warm-ups, stretches, and a variety of strengthening exercises that can range from weight lifting to yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, and more.
  • One-on-one sessions take place in private studios that allow for maximum attention and support from your personal trainer.
  • Trainers will assess your progress on an ongoing basis, and can also provide nutritional counseling and body composition testing.
  • Find a participating Fitness Together location near you.

Boys and Girls Club of MA and NH

Healthy habits start early. That's why we have fitness discounts for our youngest members.

How it Works:

  • You can enroll your plan dependents ages 18 and younger in a participating Boys & Girls Club throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire, without paying a membership fee (some clubs have age restrictions).
  • You receive a 20% discount on the cost of programs, excluding day care, summer camp and preschool.
  • Call individual centers to find out what programs they offer.
  • To find a Boys & Girls Club near you, click on "Other Services" in the left column of our fitness center search.


Tufts Health Plan members can receive a 17% discount off the subscription price of the BrainHQ application offered by Posit Science. BrainHQ is the only online cognitive training program not just scientifically designed, but proven effective in over 70 peer-reviewed publications. Below is a description of BrainHQ from Posit Science:

50 years ago, going to the gym wasn't something the average person did. Now, it seems, everyone has a gym membership, or finds another way to exercise regularly.  We all have learned how important physical exercise is for our overall health and well-being. Brain fitness is the next revolution. Just as you can exercise your abs and quads, you can exercise your memory, attention, and more. As with physical exercise, brain exercise can help you improve your performance and feel your best.

Over time, the processing speed of the brain slows and the accuracy with which we process information from our senses declines. The BrainHQ application is designed to increase the speed at which we can reliably process information, improve the brain’s ability to make clear and strong representations of information and stimulate the machinery that produces brain chemicals that strengthen memory and enable learning.  By addressing these core issues, BrainHQ improves our ability to capture information quickly, accurately and remember better, helping us to lead more fulfilling and independent lives.

BrainHQ was designed for people who want to:

  • Improve their memory
  • Stay sharp and focused
  • Be at the top of their game
  • Stay physically active
  • Pay attention to fine details
  • Tackle multiple projects simultaneously
  • Think quickly on their feet
  • Be safe drivers
  • Improve their hearing and vision
  • Maintain close social connections
  • Find words on the tip of the tongue

Join BrainHQ

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