Understanding your eye care benefits

Seeing clearly is a vital part of good health

That’s why your health plan offers coverage for routine eye exams and other vision services – plus discounts on glasses and contacts. These benefits are available through the EyeMed Vision Care network. EyeMed offers you the freedom to choose your care from a list of more than 61,000 eye care providers and these well-known retail stores:

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At EyeMed, the goal is to make vision benefits simple

Our vision benefit MemberWeb is your one-stop-spot to quickly and easily manage your vision benefit. There, you can:

  • Create your account 
  • View benefit details 
  • Confirm eligibility 
  • Check claim status 
  • Print a replacement ID card 
  • Locate an in-network provider 
  • Schedule an appointment online 
  • Get health and wellness information 
  • Receive English-to-Spanish translation 
  • Access currently available special offers for members-only savings

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What do my eye care benefits include?

Routine eye exams

To receive the highest level of coverage for routine eye exams and other vision care services, you must visit an optometrist or ophthalmologist who participates in the EyeMed Vision Care Network.

  • A review of the history of your eyes and vision, along with a general health history and a review of medicines you are taking
  • A discussion of any vision problems you may have and the reasons for your visit
  • An exam of the inside and outside of your eyes and of the areas around your eyes
  • A measure of the pressure in your eyes
  • Dilation to make your pupils larger so that your eye care provider can see and check the entire inside of your eye
  • A measure of how well you see close up and at a distance
  • A test of your vision to see if you need prescription glasses and whether or not you can use contact lenses
  • A treatment plan, and eye health advice

Medical optometry vision services

Besides routine eye exams, providers in the EyeMed network are able to meet certain medical optometry needs. However, if you need to see an ophthalmologist to treat or monitor an eye disease or condition, be sure to confirm that the ophthalmologist participates in the Tufts Health Plan network.

  • Go to tuftshealthplan.com and click on “Find a Doctor, Hospital…”
  • Log in to search or search using your plan’s name. We encourage you to register and log in to your secure member account to search for providers. Logging in allows the search to use your specific plan details for better results.
  • Scroll down to EyeMed and click on “Search for an EyeMed Vision Care Provider.”
  • To locate a participating provider, complete either the full street address or the Zip Code, then click “Get Results.” Always call ahead to confirm that the provider participates in your plan, and identify yourself as a Tufts Health Plan member to ensure you receive your maximum benefits.
  • Even if a provider is displayed on this site, you should call ahead to confirm the provider still participates with your plan. This list does not include laser vision correction surgeons. For laser vision correction providers, please call 877-5LASER6 or visit eyemedlasik.com

Optometrist (OD): A licensed eye care provider who performs eye exams and other eye care services, and prescribes glasses, contacts, and other vision aids.

Ophthalmologist (MD): An eye doctor who performs eye exams, treats eye disease, conducts surgery, and prescribes glasses, contacts, and other vision aids.

Optician: An eye care provider who reads vision prescriptions and helps you choose the glasses, contact lenses, and other eye aids that are right for you.

Discounts on glasses & contacts

Enjoy members-only savings! As a Tufts Health Plan member, you will receive the following discounts from eye care providers who participate in the EyeMed network.

  • SAVE 35% on the price of frames and get discount prices on lenses when you buy a pair of glasses. Discounts may not apply to some frames; prices may vary by retail store.
  • SAVE 20% on the price of non-prescription sunglasses.
  • SAVE 5-15% on the price of LASIK and PRK laser vision correction. For a location near you and approval for the discount, please call 877-5LASER6.

To order contact lenses for less than the retail price and have them shipped to your home or office, visit contactsdirect.com/eyemedoffer. The cost of a contact lens evaluation and fitting is not covered by your eye care benefit, so members need to pay for these services themselves.

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Rhode Island members

We have compiled a list of participating vision care providers in Rhode Island

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