Your care plan

Your Cityblock Health care coordinator works directly with you and your care team to create an individualized care plan (ICP) that details your health needs and how your care team will help address those needs. 

A registered nurse from Cityblock will visit you for an in-home, in community or on the phone assessment within the first 90 days of your membership with Tufts Health One Care. This visit helps your care coordinator and care team learn more about you and your health and support service needs. You or your authorized representative can ask questions and will be asked to review and approve the care plan. 

Your care plan is flexible and can change as your needs change. Your care plan will be mailed to you annually. You can view and edit your care plan anytime. Simply log in to your member portal and click on “Care Plans” under the “My Health” tab. 

Your care coordinator will stay in touch with you to help you update your care plan. Your care coordinator also will let your care team know about any changes so they can better provide and manage your care. 

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